Do you have a story to tell? We can help you share it.

Do you have ambitious growth plans? Have you recently launched a new business or strategy? Do you want to know how your brand is perceived? Are you looking for a route into the food or support service market? 

A specialist public relations and communications business, Susa Comms can develop and implement tailored media and communications strategies that focus on the commercial needs of a business. In doing so, we can help to generate increased revenues as well as greater brand awareness. 

We help businesses to grow by enhancing their reputations with the people who matter.

We have worked with a variety of businesses ranging from small entrepreneurial companies, established medium-sized operators, public sector organisations, right the way through to large corporates. 

Whilst the size, ambition and culture of each organisation is different, the need to communicate appropriately with your audience is always the same.

Our flexible approach can help you achieve this effectively and according to your budget