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What we do

When you have a story to tell or message to share, partnering with a communications business is crucial to your brand’s success. With so many consumers receiving information from millions of sources, you need to ensure that you cut right through the noise. 

As a UK-based specialist PR and communications agency, we adopt a flexible approach to our activity. No one client will have the same approach as any other – it just wouldn’t work. 


Our approach utilises both traditional and digital channels, meaning no matter where your audience is, you can always reach them in the most engaging and relevant way.


We provide a broad range of services from social media and stakeholder engagement right through to crisis and issues management, ensuring a seamless and integrated approach to communications that is targeted at generating increased revenue as well as greater brand awareness.

Created by Piers Zangana

With more than 20 years of experience in journalism, PR, communications and marketing, Susa Comms supports clients in sectors such as food service, hotels, construction and healthcare, with activity which combines creative content and strategic planning.

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