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What we can do for you

Our Services

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Media relations

Over the years, we have cultivated and nurtured media relationships that will help us raise your profile.

We navigate our way through a competitive media landscape, finding the right media to get those column inches you deserve. We work across multiple sectors and markets, both locally and internationally, to deliver your message.

Getting coverage isn’t the difficult bit, crafting your message is. We will work with you to ensure that you are saying the right things, to the right people, at the right time. 

Internal Communications

Employees at every level need to be ambassadors of your brand and deliver against company objectives. They need to be engaged, flexible and influential.


With the breadth of our full-scale service, you can effectively connect with your teams through creative and impactful messaging.

We’ll carefully audit your internal communications and propose plans that are designed to energise and stimulate your team.

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Crisis and Issues Management

You’ve worked hard to build your reputation – now you need to protect it. In a hyper-connected world, you need to move fast, minimising any risks that could spell a PR disaster and ultimately damage your brand.


Our clients rely on us to do just that. By understanding your business, we work around the clock to provide you with robust issues management strategies to limit a crisis and protect you.

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Social Media

We understand that managing multiple social media accounts can be time-consuming, but with over a billion active users collectively, the chances are your audience is out there, consuming an infinite number of messages. ​

Getting content into the social media space and enhancing your brand engagement has never been more important. As part of our service, we create a social strategy that fits with your company objectives.


We’ll write the content you need and manage it too. Our team will also monitor your accounts daily, providing you with analytical data to help you grow a solid reputation in the digital world.

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Stakeholder Engagement

The first thing we do is help you identify who you should be talking to, then look at the best way to approach them. This could be through focus groups, market research, workshops or via 1-2-1 meetings. Actually, there are so many ways that one size does not fit all, which is why our strategy is unique to every client. 


We can also supply all media support and necessary marketing collateral. Our approach is clear; to be as transparent as possible and establish your audience's trust and credibility in you.

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Advertising & Sponsorship

We like to make sure advertising and sponsorship work for you by exploring and creating opportunities that directly reach your target group.


Getting your brand into the local or international arena through sponsored events, for instance, can help you improve your image, shape buying attitudes and generate brand loyalty.


How do we do this? By negotiating attractive packages, getting under the skin of your market and creating attention-grabbing campaigns through the insights we receive.

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Brand marketing

Earned media will always be relevant to the market. The brand stories and narratives our team develops for our clients ensures the kind of credibility that paid media cannot always match.


And every stakeholder, from internal right through to your end user, is a potential brand ambassador.


The bottom line is you need to keep everyone interacting with your product/service throughout their journey.


We listen to your PR needs, understand your messaging and produce both tactical and generic campaigns to reach out to your brand lovers at every stage of their journey.

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Website Development

Everyone searches for or researches a company online, so showcasing all your capabilities on a website is a must in today’s world.


A fresh, user-friendly site is relevant to your profit line and can boost your sales in the long run.


We offer all businesses, large or small, tailor-made websites.


We work with designers, developers and content writers for sites built from scratch, or, we can liaise with your in-house designers to provide SEO rich content.

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Driving traffic and conversion to your website might be at the top of your current objectives.


With millions of sites in the ether, you need to enhance your ranking and make it easy for search engines to find you.


Search Engine Optimisation is a specialist service that Susa Comms provides.


We do all the necessary legwork, keyword research and comparative competitor SEO analysis to continuously push your content and site to perform better.

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We produce content which is relevant, targeted, inspiring and engaging. 


Our writers are experienced in PR, journalism and marketing, in both long and short form copy for the B2B sector. These expert wordsmiths will help your business gain the attention it needs.

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Inbound and content marketing can help set you as thought leaders in your industry. We focus on creating the right collateral to support your marketing activities from blogs, newsletter and eshots right through to insightful whitepapers.


Our knowledge in digital marketing will ensure the content published aligns with your customer’s expectations so that your sales team can convert, close and of course, delight!

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